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Genevie Durano

As deputy editor at Las Vegas Weekly, Genevie Durano covers the Valley’s dining scene. Previously she lived in New York City, where she did stints at various publications including Us Weekly, Glamour, Rolling Stone and TV Guide. When she’s not out to brunch in search of the perfect poached egg, you can find her at hot yoga, sweating out the untold number of calories she consumes as part of her job description.

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    Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020

    Just because we can’t watch the Raiders in person doesn’t mean we can’t take part in the time-honored tradition of tailgating.

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    Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020

    Do you prefer cake or yeast donuts? Should we spell it donuts or doughnuts?

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    Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020

    “The color is going to make you feel better. When you walk into this space, it’s going to feed you good energy.”

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    Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020

    Where to find Dole Whip cocktails, fish-shaped waffle cones and more.

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    Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020

    For Henderson mom Alexa Sullivan, telling her 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter why they can’t be with their friends freely is an emotional undertaking.

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    Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020

    For now, he’s whetting our appetite with a cook-at-home series through Secret Burger. And he has a restaurant concept in mind: barbecue.

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    Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020

    Tips for scheduling, dedicated work stations and more.

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    Monday, Aug. 17, 2020

    We're also taking you along on our summer vacation getaways and sharing all the food and drinks we enjoyed.

  • News

    Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020

    Yoga is a practice dating back thousands of years, first as an oral tradition from teachers to students, then collated into the Yoga Sutra, a 2,000-year-old treatise on yogic philosophy.

  • Taste

    Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020

    The carnivorous delights are abundant—like rib-eyes, a wagyu rib cap and a majestic 32-ounce tomahawk—and the other half of the menu boasts seafood flown in daily.

  • Dining

    Tuesday, May 5, 2020

    Genevie's sourdough loaf.