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Hip-hop king Swizz Beatz brings the party to Jewel

He’s always popping up with fresh music, so there’s no telling what kind of party Swizz Beatz will curate at Jewel Friday night.

So exactly how did Bronx hip-hop phenomenon Swizz Beatz end up joining the roster of talented performers at the new Jewel Nightclub? Here’s how the story goes: A while back, DJ Ruckus was rocking Hakkasan at MGM Grand when some of the celebs in attendance got involved. Bombshell Kate Upton jumped up and got her crew dancing, and Swizz, a friend of Ruckus, climbed into the booth. What could have been a quick shout-out turned into a 45-minute impromptu performance.

As Hakkasan Group developed Jewel, its programming team decided not only to diversify its sound with a mix of musical genres, but also to focus on artists and hosts who know how to build a party and serve up a memorable experience every night. Swizz had already done just that, spur of the moment.

Just imagine what the producer who has crafted hits for DMX, Jay Z, T.I., Madonna and Beyoncé—and of course Alicia Keys, his wife since 2010—will do with his own set at Jewel on June 3, and again on July 8. Interspersed with his pursuits as an artist and collector, designer and philanthropist, he’s always popping up with fresh music, from his appearance on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo to his own hypnotic new teaser tracks “Waitin’ on Me” and “Represent Tonight.” There’s no telling what kind of party he’ll compose Friday night. Swizz Beatz at Jewel at Aria, June 3.

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