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An elegant summertime sipper at China Poblano

The Empress cocktail at China Poblano
Photo: Sam Morris

José Andrés is into cocktails, too. The star chef’s Washington, D.C., concept Barmini features more than 100 drinkable creations. When it opened last year, Andrés told The Washington Post: “You can eat to live, but you can drink to survive.”

Want to raise a toast to that sentiment? Andrés’ China Poblano at the Cosmopolitan has four new concoctions perfect for beating the brutal heat with a kick of booze. The Empress ($15) starts cooling you down with the visual, cloudy white popped with a miniature garden that perfumes every sip. The fruity, just slightly earthy backbone of unfiltered sake and Ty Ku Soju is accented by sweet-tart, yogurt-based Calpico soda and brightened by yuzu’s delicate citrus. Introduced with a layer of chilled, velvety foam, these flavors have surprising harmony.

Maggie Myers, a manager at China Poblano, says the bold combination by Juan Coronado (Andrés’ cocktail innovator) is about “not being afraid—trying to push yourself to incorporate new and unique things to attract a crowd here, stand out from the masses.” She says the Empress is an ideal palate cleanser, though the clean, subtle taste has a way of lingering.


1 oz. Ty Ku Soju

1 oz. nigori sake

1½ oz. Calpico

½ oz. yuzu juice

½ oz. simple syrup

micro flower petals (garnish)

Method: Combine all ingredients, shake and strain over ice. Garnish with flower petals.

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