Spotlighting the peak moments from Marshmello’s ‘Joytime II’

The happy, helmeted DJ plays XS and Encore Beach Club July 14 and 15.
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Marshmello has been dominating the summer so far at Wynn Nightlife clubs XS, Intrigue and Encore Beach Club, and on June 22 he dropped his second studio album Joytime II, a guest-free collection of rainbow-colored dance tracks arming the helmeted DJ with more musical ammunition. In anticipation of his two Wynn weekend sets, we bounced through the album to pick some favorite in-track moments.

“Stars” (1:48)

There are plenty of thick bass drops in this twinkly opening track, and this mid-song smooth-out begins the build for a dramatic, buzzing finale.

“Together” (1:20)

Dueling synth lines charge through this track like friendly electronic fireflies skittering around your ears. This early explosion offers waves of bass buzz and handclaps before fluttering into high-pitch notes, sure to be a memorable cryo-blast moment when “Together” gets played at Encore Beach Club.

“Rooftops” (2:15)

The first Joytime II track with vocals prompted Pitchfork to write that Marshmello’s stylistic evolution is heading into emo territory. The stabby synths and alligator-croak bass of this breakdown section stand out.

“Check This Out” (1:21)

’Mello is known for slipping disparate EDM elements into the same song, and after a pretty bright and beat-heavy opening, “Check This Out” takes a quick surprise voyage into the land of trap with a threatening, distorted bassline and rapid-fire hi-hats.

“Tell Me” (:51)

This one begins with a tick-tock melody that sounds like the ringtone you refuse to use as your wake-up alarm, and Marshmello somehow turns it into a story that eventually comes off charming and fun. He also brings in a synth that sounds like an ’80s electric guitar right before the minute-mark to heighten the drama.

“Power” (1:07)

After the relative dark tones of “Paralyzed,” the album picks up the mood with this straightforward track. There’s a classic countdown and an intricate, multi-layered keyboard breakdown a quarter of the way into “Power” that changes up the tempo and carves a path for the rest of the song.

“Imagine” (2:53)

The sugary closer on Joytime II—a polyrhythmic, videogame-soundtrack dip into tropical house—might be the album’s best overall track. The full-charge groove approaches its final destination at this point, when some conga drums make a guest appearance.

MARSHMELLO XS: July 14, 10:30 p.m., $40-$60. Encore Beach Club: July 15, 11 a.m., $30-$50. Encore, 702-770-7300.

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