DJ Vice doubles up at the Cosmopolitan for the holidays

DJ Vice plays Marquee on December 17 and the Cosmo’s ice rink two nights later.
Jason R. Latham

The holiday spirit seems to follow DJ Vice wherever he goes, but that’s probably because he goes everywhere. “I live in California, so when I land in different cities [for shows] I realize winter is here,” he explains. “I love when I land in Vegas—I feel those icy temperatures hit me, and the Strip is lit up; that gets me ready [for the holidays].”

On this day, the well-traveled artist is readying to depart San Francisco for Chicago, where he’ll play that city’s TAO nightclub before leaving for the next gig. That’s the life of a DJ—“late nights, early flights”—with only a few minutes to power nap before breaking out the laptop and throwing some music together.

The schedule leaves little time to contemplate the true meaning of the holidays, so Vice is banking on Las Vegas to show it to him when he returns for two highly anticipated December shows: Marquee Nightclub’s Mistletoe Ball and “Vice on Ice” at the Cosmopolitan’s Strip-side ice rink.

The latter, a charity show for Tao Group’s Tao Cares Holiday Drive benefitting the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, is a holiday tradition for Vice, his wife (the couple met in Las Vegas) and their two children. “I love being able to play music for my children,” he says. “They’re not old enough to get into the clubs, but they can be on the ice.”

As the self-described “official unofficial resident of Las Vegas” readies for his holiday homecoming, he talks about both shows and where he’ll take his music in 2019.

Promo art for “Vice on Ice” has you in a pair of skates. Are you a good skater?

Believe it or not, my only other dream outside of being a DJ was to become a professional hockey player. I can do it all out there; it’s my hidden talent. So come out and see me!

What about your Mistletoe Ball attire?

Last year I had a holiday taco shirt. I need a new one, and the Santa hat is a must.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are also in.

I’m gonna get one, but it has to be custom. It has to be one of one.

Are you fond of dropping holiday tunes into your sets?

Definitely. I’m old-school, so my favorite is Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis.” When you hear that song hit, you’re ready for the holiday season.

What next in 2019?

I have a new single, “Make Up” with Jason DeRulo and Ava Max. I’ll be doing some shows with Jason and Ava. It’s gonna be exciting to be out there with a world-renowned pop star and one of the world’s newest pop stars.

DJ VICE December 17, 10:30 p.m., $20-$30; Marquee, 702-333-9000. December 19, 7 p.m., free; Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan, 702-698-7000.

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