Restaurants across the Valley have special menus cooked up just for Dad.

Where to treat Dad on Father’s Day

Restaurants across the Valley have special menus cooked up just for Dad.

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    The social distancing rules are both great and strange. I know we need them, but it makes the usual flow of bar conversation even more ...

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    If you still feel more comfortable ordering and picking up, you’ll be fine, especially if you add some of our favorites to your rotation.

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    These are early days of a new dining paradigm, and we’re all slowly figuring out how we fit into it.

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    A culinary tour of Ferraro’s, Cleaver, Sparrow + Wolf and more.

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    We consulted expert Mark Steele, a fourth-generation restaurateur and founder/owner of the Las Vegas-based Restaurant Hospitality Institute.

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    We’re trading notes with the dynamic duo behind one of the most fascinating food pods in Vegas or anywhere else.

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    The president of Lip Smacking Foodie Tours wants you to experience downtown Las Vegas the right way.

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    The Sahara Las Vegas restaurant is back open and following strict safety protocols.

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    Make your reservation now—it’s one of the most popular restaurants on the Strip.

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    Both Miller’s Ale House locations in the Las Vegas area have closed “for the foreseeable future” because of the coronavirus pandemic ...

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    The City has closed off two streets to traffic to create a pair of urban dining areas, complete with socially distant tables, chairs, shade and ...

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    “It’s not easy to get the word out right now, but we’ve been incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support we’ve already received.”

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    The chef at Side Piece pizza teaches you how to make a classic pie.

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    With these fresh options, healthy eating need not take a backseat during the pandemic.

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    The owner of Frankie’s Uptown shares a favorite recipe.

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    Bars are starting to open, but if you prefer to stay indoors a little longer, this weekend’s Pour in the Alley has you covered.

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    You’re sure to get some good ideas from Carrot Top, Shin Lim and more.

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