Coco Jenkins’ ‘Nothing and Everything’ series explores music and much more

Coco Jenkins
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Coco Jenkins, Vegas musician and founder of the There’s Nothing to Do in Vegas Instagram page, used her time in quarantine to launch her Nothing and Everything series, a live talk show on Instagram in which she interviews local figures about important topics.

“What we’re doing is really to amplify voices of the people of our community, telling people’s sides of their stories,” Jenkins says.

The idea for an interactive show had been brewing for a while, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that Jenkins and her team—Vegas residents Arturo Ceceña, Milena DiFiore and Giselle D’souza—finally found the time to do it.

“We weren’t able to go anywhere or do anything, and people were sitting at home,” Jenkins says. Things started falling into place.

“We just started interviewing people of interest,” she says. That has included musicians like Cameron Calloway and Sonia Barcelona and reps from Vegas-born businesses like Fukuburker.

“Then I realized that elections were coming up and that most people still didn’t care,” Jenkins says. She quickly pivoted the platform’s content, using Nothing and Everything to highlight even more important matters.

“I felt like it was because people don’t understand how [the local political process] works, so I really worked hard to do the Vegas government edition.”

As protests erupted around the country in response to the killing of George Floyd, Jenkins and her team continued to use their social media page to spotlight activists. That first week, Jenkins interviewed protesters who had been arrested in demonstrations and shared their stories. Jenkins says she hopes people learned that “it’s real.”

“It’s hard to fathom,” Jenkins says of the arrests. “If you’re not out there, you just don’t understand how these things happen.” Her hope, she says, is that Nothing and Everything can provide an up-close look at real issues Las Vegans face, while providing a glimpse of some of their favorite artists.

“That’s our mission,” Jenkins says. “To keep it local and keep supporting our community.”

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