Get cycling: Tips for getting onboard with the pandemic’s fitness trend


We know that lots of activities have stopped being viable during the pandemic, but what’s trending up? Bicycling, in a big way.

Las Vegas Cyclery’s Heather Fisher has felt the boom firsthand, in the form of increased sales. “It’s been a silver lining to the COVID pandemic—the return to loving the outdoors and exercising,” Fisher says. “It’s so great to see families out biking.” She adds that bicycling is the perfect pandemic activity, because you have to be socially distanced while riding.

How to get started

Rent a bicycle.

Fisher says that the better quality the bike, the more you’ll enjoy the activity. But there’s no reason to invest a chunk of change before you know what you like. So rent a bike from a local shop—or from the RTC’s Downtown bike exchange—to test out the hobby, risk-free.

Find a nearby locale. Fisher says Red Rock, Lake Mead and Henderson all feature fantastic bike trails. Or putter around Downtown for some urban adventures.

Take a tour. Outsource the planning. Local guides, like Escape Adventures (which is connected to Las Vegas Cyclery), will take you on a preplanned excursion. Bonus: They often provide snacks!

Join a group.From blinking-light booze cruises to dashing down mountains, there are bicycles groups for all interests and abilities.

Types of bicycles

Electric bike A great option for the less athletically inclined, or for athletes who want to go really, really far.

Strider bike More effective than training wheels, this pedal-less bike helps kids learn how to ride.

Cross bike For those who want to go on- and off-road.

Road bike Built for speed, these sleek bicycles minimize wind resistance.

Mountain bike Suspension systems will soak up bumps and keep the bike from bouncing.

Beach cruiser For easy fun in the city.


Helmet The No. 1 most important accessory. Don’t bike without protecting your head.

Lights In order to drive after dark, you need a white front light and a red light in back.

Tire repair kit Think of it like jumper cables for your car; even if you don’t know how to use it, somebody can help you if you have the proper tools.

Car rack Because eventually you’ll want to bicycle beyond your own neighborhood. Tip: RTC buses are equipped with bike racks, so you can take the bus to fun trails around town.

Bottle holder You’ll want an easy way to stay hydrated.

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