Questions abound as most Las Vegans return to school at home


On August 24, students throughout the Las Vegas Valley will go back to school … sort of. The vast majority of K-12 students will actually learn from home—for 90 days, at least—as Nevada continues to take safety precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19. And UNLV and CSN students, who kick off their academic year on the same day as the Clark County School District, will take approximately 80 percent of their classes online.

Though schools have had some time to prepare for distance learning this time—as opposed to when campuses shut down quickly in March—it still presents a slew of challenges, for students, parents, teachers and administrators. It will disrupt athletics and other extracurriculars, and keep many households in a constant scramble for day care assistance.

Will it work, academically speaking? It’s tough to say, considering that a district like CCSD—responsible for educating more than 300,000 students in Southern Nevada—has never entered a school year with an entirely remote learning plan. Here, with the help of educational experts, we attempt to answer some of the many questions on people’s minds as what promises to be a strange and unpredictable fall semester begins.

How can we maximize children’s chances for remote-learning success?

What should we do when students exhibit signs of depression over their social isolation?

Can students replace the social aspects of in-person school?

What does school spirit look like without athletics or in-person extracurriculars?

Might online instruction widen the learning gap?

What do Southern Nevada's colleges have planned for fall instruction?

How will the college admissions process be impacted this fall?

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