Ellis Island Casino prepares to open its new beer garden, the Front Yard

The Front Yard has grand opening festivities planned for December 6-7.
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With karaoke, restaurants, gaming and a brewery, Ellis Island Casino has long been a destination for lovers of drink. And by early December, there should be a new attraction at the beloved spot: the Front Yard.

If you’ve driven down Koval Lane at any point this year, you’ve probably seen the construction. A large, two-story venue has risen from the former parking lot in front of the casino. It’s adorned with expansive windows and crowned by a distinctive glass roof that can open or close, depending on the weather.

The Front Yard will be a beer garden and restaurant featuring live music and bar games. It will hold up to 300 people in a unique indoor/outdoor environment capitalizing on Strip views while blocking out road noise. “Ellis Island is a pretty small property, so we’re expanding our footprint by a good amount,” Marketing Director Christina Ellis says.

Ellis also sounds excited about being able to rent out the venue for private events. She says people always ask if they can hold corporate events or get married at Ellis Island, and for the longest time, the answer was no. Soon there will be a beautiful space with high visual appeal. “It’s just a cool place to extend all the things we have going inside of Ellis Island and push them into the new venue,” Ellis says.

The Front Yard will feature 18 taps on its main bar and 12 on its second story, so there’s room for lots of flavors. Of course, Ellis Island’s own brews will be on offer, including seasonal and short specialty batches. Expect guest taps designated for one-off recipes, visiting breweries and local breweries.

While Ellis Island is already home to several dining options, the Front Yard will feature a kitchen with a new menu filled with family recipes. Ellis, a granddaughter of founder Frank Ellis, is in the process of building the menu with her father, sister and a chef.

“I feel like we’ve been teasing it for so long,” Ellis says, pointing to a December 6-7 planned grand opening. “It’s really opening, I promise. And it’s coming very soon.”

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