Performers and visual artists add to the immersive EDC experience

Electric Daisy Carnival performers entertain the crowd at the largest dance festival in North America.
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The Painted Faces of EDC

What’s a carnival without clowns and entertainers? At this year’s EDC, about 50 different groups of costumed performers will be roaming the grounds, delighting all. And yes, some will be dressed as dazzling clowns.

“There’s always entertainment happening throughout the show,” says MsEasy, Insomniac Events’ entertainment director. “It’s kind of serendipitous, and that makes it more special.”

Expect a kaleidoscope of trippy, rainbow-hued, gravity-defying costumed characters. Large-scale performances will take place every hour (and sometimes every 30 minutes), so don’t stress about missing the lightning dancers, the 30-feet-high sway pole performers or the acrobats sporting full LED suits.

Different troops of “stilters” will be walking high, each with unique costumes and backstories. Some are fish-themed and swimming through the air, while others resemble a fiery phoenix.

There will be no shortage of glamorous, costumed beauties—with whimsical names like Atomic Ponies, Cosmic Cuties and Dali Dollies. And MsEasy points out another kind of attraction, intended to keep things fresh and surprising this year: Wide Awake 6 is a comedy improv team masquerading as television news reporters. They’ll interview attendees, hyping up the crowd and drawing them into the action.

MsEasy advises partiers visit the revamped Downtown EDC to see the fest’s new concepts, like a drag bar with live drag queen performances. She also says she’s excited to bring back an open-air theater with fire performers, which hasn’t been seenat EDC Vegas since 2015.

For MsEasy, the reward comes in watching her creativity and hard work come to shimmering life. “Seeing it in motion brings so much joy,” she says. But even as she enjoys the fruits of her labor, MsEasy is already planning for the next party. She’s now looking for an incoming cohort of versatile, multitalented performers. And she wants to let you know that her next open casting call takes place July 13 in Orlando, Florida.

The Art of EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival is as much a visual journey as a sonic one. Thank a diverse collection of artists for making the festival feel like a glowing sci-fi universe in a far more fabulous dimension.

As you wander around the carnival grounds, keep an eye out for unique installation art. Kevin Clark’s 80-foot-tall “Flower Tower” will loom over the fest with flowers and erupting flames.

Many of EDC’s 2019 art installations will be interactive and participatory. Attendees can pull on chains to unleash fire (Boko Fine Art’s “Fuego”); make their own art (Rachel Harris’ “Painted Playground”); and even play at being a one-person demolition derby (Christian Ristow’s “Hand of Man”).

Other installations will act as magical micro environments attendees can explore. Discover a hidden oasis in Kate Raudenbush’s “Peak Oil,” enjoy calming classical music in Christopher Schardt’s “Paraluna” or take a twisted trip to old Americana with Dustin Weatherford’s “Night at the Climb-In,” which resembles a vertical drive-in theater.

And speaking of vehicles, eight EDC art cars will be driving around the fest, offering a mobile mix of live music and eye candy. Find their set times through the Insomniac app or simply trust in chance to bring you into contact with the roving mini parties.

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