How to dress like you’re part of the show at EDC 2019

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The people in attendance are part of the experience at EDC, so it’s important to dress the part. For the scoop on the latest festival fashions, we spoke with Megan Swartz, general manager and buyer for Déjà Vu Love Boutique Las Vegas, which is loaded with party and ravewear. “EDC is like Halloween for us. It’s insane here,” Swartz says. “Most people go three days and never wear same thing twice.” Here are Swartz’s tips for fleshing out your EDC look …

What’s in? “Anything with flowers on it is a nod to the ‘Daisy’ in EDC. This year’s EDC looks will incorporate more visual interest, since the festival-goers will be in town earlier than [in some] previous years, affording the opportunity to layer more without worrying about heat-related illnesses.”

What’s out? “Fur is out for EDC in Las Vegas. While fur is a great look, it’s proven not to be conducive to a successful Vegas summer festival.”

For the guys: “Men are not much different than women when it comes to ravewear. Most will go shirtless. Brightly colored and bold briefs do exceptionally well during festivals. [Men] are not afraid to stand out. Often, they get very creative as well, pairing briefs with fanny packs, leg straps, headpieces, glitter and, of course, anything that will light up.”

For the ladies: Attention-grabbing colors and pieces that glow under black lights are trendy, according to Swartz. Instead of the bagged costumes popular at Halloween, Swartz says that ravers prefer to build their own outfits through creative layering: “They might have a rhinestone bra peeking out of a tri-top, with ribbon tie shorts or a pleated skirt, finished off with multi-color leg wraps braided together. Guests tend to create whimsical looks while keeping the overall body-coverage minimal.”

Accessories: “Easy add-ons include fishnet hosiery, pasties, headbands and light-up accessories. We’re seeing more and more items adorned with flashing lights and lasers. These are fun items that fit with the surrounding décor of the event.”

Bags: “Multi-color sequined bags, alien-shaped backpacks [and] fun-colored drawstring bags are all very popular. We suggest something like this, because no one wants to lug around a big bag when they’re trying to dance and socialize. The bags are also great to keep an emergency toothbrush in or, obviously, extra glitter!”

Stay comfortable: “We nudge festival-goers toward boots that do not have a stiletto point. The terrain at EDC will not be flat. With boots, they can still have the height with the heel, but the chunky point and ankle-support will help prevent the ankle from rolling.”

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