Gearing up for Electric Daisy Carnival’s annual Las Vegas marathon


It’s easy to dismiss Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s a mob of sweaty chests shuffling about over hot asphalt to jack-hammering dance music, right? To most, it takes a certain type of person—usually young, restless and unsober—to withstand the gauntlet of inconveniences that come with a festival that draws 140,000 a night. But once you’ve finally parked, entered Las Vegas Motor Speedway, filled your water bottle and started to explore the massive festival grounds, you quickly awe at the multi-sensory, multi-experience wonderland that Insomniac builds from the ground up every year. If you don’t dare wade too deeply into the enormous throngs at the bigger stages, there are always more intimate experiences to be had at the smaller dance areas and on the cruising art cars. If you need a groove breather, enjoy a bit of nostalgia on the numerous carnival rides. Or survey the various art installations, snap the roaming performance artists and lean into a loved one during the fireworks show. Unlike most music festivals, EDC isn’t best enjoyed hopping furiously from one stage to another, but allowing for discovery and escape between the bangers. -Weekly Staff

Read these tips before you head to the Speedway

No matter how excited you are for EDC, there’s one thing no one looks forward to this time of year—the drive there. If you’re looking for the smoothest way to the Speedway, leave your car at home and hitch a ride on an EDC Las Vegas Shuttle, which uses a dedicated route to bypass the mile-long clog of festivalgoers all en route to the same place. (You don’t want to be one of those people running on the side of the road at midnight in nothing but booty shorts.) Shuttle passes cost $90 and take off from the Rio, MGM’s festival grounds at Sahara and the Strip, Downtown at 9th and Fremont, and the Tropicana (a mid-Strip option had sold out by press time), with $199 “premier” shuttles launching from MGM Grand, the Hard Rock Hotel, the Stratosphere and the Luxor.

Once you’ve got that sorted, work out a buddy system. Download the EDC app, set meeting spots, bring a totem and don’t depend on texting—reception is notoriously bad at festivals, and EDC is no different. Most importantly, stay hydrated and stay safe. Bring an empty water bottle (and take note of free water refill stations), and save your medical information in your smart phone in case of an emergency. If you (or your friends) feel dizzy, dehydrated or unwell in any way, don’t wait it out. Head to a first aid tent or flag down someone from the Insomniac Health & Safety Team. –Leslie Ventura

ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL May 18-20, $325 GA (sold out), $699 VIP. Las Vegas Motor Speedway, lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com.

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