How to shoot a perfectly delicious Instagram food photo

The legendary fish cone shot.
Photo: @ninser_the_foodie

Ask any Instagram pro for tips on snapping better photos, and the first thing they’ll tell you is, it’s all about the lighting, guaranteed.

“Good lighting is key,” says Emily Romero of @EatMeLasVegas. She also recommends playing with angles and finding what works best for your taste. “Photograph food the way you’d want to see it,” she says.

The truly dedicated Instagrammers might want to up the ante even more. A handheld Enevu cube light ($30) can add ambient, soft light to dark restaurant settings, especially steakhouses. Others keep portable tables in their cars, so they can arrange multiple items in one, delicious, viral-worthy frame.

And just how do these foodies juggle so many tacos at once without dropping them? A taco holder, of course. Order one online from Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond. “It’s ridiculously foodie-geeky,” says Paul Ryu of @RyuSauce, but it works.

Most foodies will scope out the best seat in the house with the best natural lighting for the best shot, but when indoor lighting won’t do—follow the lead of Edward Thompson, aka @VegasFoodBaron: Grab your plate and head outdoors. Just make sure to tell the wait staff ahead of time—you don’t want anyone thinking you’re about to dine and ditch.

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