Tomo Noodles & Dumplings brings diverse, fun food to Village Square

Tomo’s fries, ramen, chicken katsu sandwich, shishito peppers, shrimp skewers and gyoza dumplings.
Photo: Wade Vandervort

Once a floundering suburban strip mall, Village Square has evolved into one of the best overall dining corners in the Valley, offering diversity that stretches from Archi’s Thai Restaurant and Bachi Burger to Yojie Japanese Fondue, Khoury’s Mediterranean and Buldogis gourmet hot dogs. The newest addition to this colorful corner is Tomo Noodles & Dumplings, a creative Asian eatery and boba tea house masquerading as a simple ramen shop. Entering this spacious, energetic environment, you’ll recognize there’s far more happening here than noodles and broth.

Trendy dishes like pork belly bao ($7), cheesy mazemen ramen ($10) and even a ramen burger ($7) dot the menu, but stick to more imaginative fare and you won’t be disappointed. For the table, order the Tomo fries ($5), topped with pork, pickled ginger, togarashi and furikake seasonings, kewpie mayo and sweet katsu sauce. For a lighter starter, Tomo’s tempura veggies ($6) are expertly done, with crisp slivers of shishito peppers, zucchini, asparagus, green beans, green onions and shiitake mushrooms.

The house ramen uses standard pork broth and familiar toppings, tossing in tender chicken thigh, roasted tomato and shoyu-cured egg for extra value ($11). Try the boldly flavored shoyu-ginger chicken ramen ($10), and don’t be shy about adding extra noodles or opting for veggie noodles (both $2). Skip the soup and go for a sandwich like the tweaked pork belly Cuban ($7), with karashi mayo and Dijon mustard adding extra richness. (Not sure why they put lettuce on their Cuban, though.) The chicken katsu sandwich is downright crunchy, and the shrimp with slaw and spicy mayo is creamy and decadent (both $7).

You can also snack your way through Tomo, sipping on a pineapple mojito slush or taro and jasmine green tea with milk ($4-$6) while noshing on chicken soup dumplings ($6), spicy garlic green beans ($5) and miso salmon or shoyu-glazed chicken thigh skewers (both $6). Tie it all up with fried Oreo cookies ($5) and you might have discovered a new neighborhood favorite—or at least another eatery to add to your Village Square rotation.

TOMO NOODLES & DUMPLINGS 9400 W. Sahara Ave. #130, 702-485-1782. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m.-midnight.

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