Make La Cave’s new grilled prawns in your kitchen


La Cave has a new executive chef—Sterling Buckley, who has also worked at Stripsteak, Koi, and the former Silk Road at Vdara. A new leader in the kitchen almost always means new items on the menu, and La Cave has that, too. This grilled prawns dish is perfect for summer, light and packed with freshness with explosive flavors. Make it at home, or make it one of your picks when touring new dishes at La Cave.

La Cave Wynn, 702-770-7375. Monday-Thursday, noon-10 p.m.; Friday & Saturday, noon-11 p.m.; Sunday, brunch 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., dinner 4-10 p.m.

Grilled prawns with baby corn, Chinese long beans and chili vinaigrette

(serves two)

6 large prawns, head on

6 mini corn cobs

8 Chinese long beans

pinch of chopped cilantro

For marinade:

1 cup salad oil or neutral oil

1 tsp. dried oregano

1 tsp. cumin powder

1 tsp. coriander powder

For chili vinaigrette:

1 tbsp. Fresno chili, finely diced, no seeds

1 tbsp. pepperoncini, finely diced

pinch chili flake

1 tbsp. pepperoncini juice

1 tbsp. sherry vinegar

4 tbsp. olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

First, combine all marinade ingredients in a bowl. Remove shell and devein prawns. Add prawns to marinade and place in fridge. Take all ingredients for vinaigrette and mix together in a small bowl, making sure to season with salt and pepper.

Get your grill hot and get a pot of salted water boiling. Place long beans in salted boiling water until fork-tender. Remove beans and place in ice bath until cooled. When the grill is hot, place marinated prawns on the grill, being sure to season with salt and pepper. Cook each side for 1½ to 2 minutes. On the corn, drizzle a little oil, salt and pepper and place them on the grill as well. The corn should have nice grill marks and be soft on the inside.

Take a sauté pan and get it really hot with a little bit of oil and sauté long beans with salt, pepper and a sprinkle of cilantro. The beans should be lightly blistered. Take all ingredients and arrange on plate. Stir vinaigrette well and pour over the top.

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