Calling All Las Vegas Bartenders

The Gettin Figgy Wit It at Sparrow + Wolf
Photo: Sabin Orr

Create a cocktail and raise a glass to help Las Vegas' first responders! Restaurant and bar Sparrow + Wolf took to Instagram on March 21 with a challenge to the city's bartenders: Using the ingredients you have at home, create a cocktail on video and upload it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #sparrowandwolfchallenge and tag your fellow bartenders.

For every video uploaded to Instagram along with the hashtag, Sparrow + Wolf plans to donate one meal to a first responder. They hope the challenge will meet a goal of 2,000 donated meals; they’re also hoping that other local restaurants and bars will jump on board and meet the challenge by donating meals from their own establishments.

“While we are all staying at home to flatten the curve, more than 30,000 EMTs, nurses, paramedics, doctors, police officers and firefighters are on the frontline fighting this so we can all return back to normal,” was the message from Sparrow + Wolf.

Check out the Sparrow + Wolf Instagram post here, which has already garnered more than 1,200 views.

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