Three Asian noodle bowls to try this winter in Las Vegas

The Shang beef noodle bowl at Shang Artisan Noodle.
Photo: Wade Vandervort
Jason Harris

Noodles are comfort food tailor-made for cold weather. Think about how satisfying a great bowl of pasta can be, or how a delightful plate of macaroni and cheese can bring you back to childhood. Las Vegas has plenty of fantastic noodles—specifically handmade, artisanal, perfectly crafted Asian noodles. The artistry that goes into making them is its own kind of entertainment, too, if you're lucky enough to watch the chefs pull the noodles into shape. Here are three iterations we love. Happy slurping.

Chow Mein at The Magic Noodle

Growing up in New Jersey, there was a certain comfort to holding a white takeout container of lo mein from a quick-stop Chinese joint. Whether you call it lo mein or chow mein, these thin, versatile stir-fried noodles act as a gateway into the world of Asian noodles. Top them with veggies and a protein of your choice, and you're ready to roll. 5165 S. Fort Apache Road #165, 702-873-0888.

Udon at Cafe Sanuki

Udon are Japanese buckwheat noodles, thick, toothsome and as much about texture as anything else. Served in a variety of broths or with toppings such as cheesy carbonara or curry potato cream, the udon at Cafe Sanuki is always stellar. No matter how you order them, you'll always get to the bottom of the bowl faster than you thought possible. 4821 Spring Mountain Road #G, 702-331-9860.

Shang Beef Noodle at Shang Artisan Noodle

The hand-pulled noodles from the Shanxi province of China are one of the greatest feats of the culinary world. Enjoy them here in a rich beef broth with braised beef brisket and an assortment of vegetables. For Seinfeld fans who still maintain that "soup is not a meal," this is delicious proof to the contrary. 4983 W. Flamingo Road #B, 702- 888-3292.

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