Three plates: Vegas summer barbecue standouts

B’s brisket
Photo: Wade Vandervort
Jason Harris

If one were writing a book on the Las Vegas barbecue scene, the title would have to be A Little Bit of Everything. That’s not to say that the local scene of smokers and grillers is full of proprietors specializing in different regional content. To the contrary, most pit masters claim that they are influenced by “a little bit of everything,” creating an blend of flavors that could rightfully be called “Las Vegas barbecue.” Here are three spots worth ’cue enthusiasts’ attention.

B’s Smokehouse Bbq

It’s a good bet that if someone is cooking on the side of the road near a gas station, the food probably outshines the location. Such is the case with B’s, where the proprietor has migrated from the humidity of New Orleans to the dry heat of Las Vegas. At his roadside smoker, Byron, aka “B,” cooks up brisket, ribs, hot links and chicken, topped with his own “meat glaze.” The glaze adds a sweetness to the smoky, delicious brisket and works equally well on sides like mac ’n’ cheese. 9316 S. Durango Drive, 702-862-0186.

Sin City Smokers

When you walk into this southeast Valley joint, you notice the trophy case filled with barbecue championships. These competitions have inspired an eclectic array of dishes and daily specials at Sin City. Check out the Brunswick Stew on Sundays, a Southern specialty that combines meats (based on availability) with a tomato and vegetable base. Upon last visit, the proteins rounding out the stew were fired-roasted pork and smoky chicken, a delightful combination that transports the diner down South. 2861 N. Green Valley Parkway, 702-823-5605.

Tucky’s Smokin BBQ

Head to old Henderson for the meaty goodness supplied by this stand-alone shop—a homage to Kansas City—on Boulder Highway near Lake Mead Parkway. Using hickory and assorted fruit woods like apple and cherry, Tucky’s is all about that sweet heat. Get yourself some burnt ends—a favorite among savvy barbecue lovers—and savor the beef-fat goodness. 308 N. Boulder Highway, 702-566-4227.

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