Line Up for the Mobile Mama Napoli Pizza

Younghans can be found Friday nights Downtown outside Tenaya Creek Brewery.
Photo: Steve Marcus

I’ve known Tim Younghans for years, and his pizza has never been better. Younghans, 39, is a sound designer and recording engineer who helps makes Cirque du Soleil shows amazing, but that’s another story. He’s also the owner and chef of Mama Napoli Pizza (mamanapolipizza.com or @MamaNapoliPizza on Twitter), a food truck specializing in rustic, woodfired pies.

Younghans built his pizza oven into a race car trailer and made his kitchen mobile, because he didn’t like the results he was getting with a conventional oven. Once you taste those fresh slices, you’ll realize that in a city full of pizza superstars, the man with the converted rig should be part of the conversation.

Focusing on high-quality ingredients and constantly refining his craft, Younghans can be found Friday nights Downtown outside Tenaya Creek Brewery (831 W. Bonanza Road). “When we started, we sold maybe half to a quarter of the pies. Now we’ve had seven-straight sellouts,” he says.

Customers line up for the Napoli Rosa featuring Italian onions, fresh mozzarella, creamy ricotta and arugula. Meat lovers go for the Brooklyn, loaded with pepperoni, soppressata and house-made sausage, which the pizzaiolo grinds and spices himself.

Younghans says his goal is to find a brick-and-mortar space, so he can serve his pizza every day. Given his array of skills, don’t be surprised if he builds it himself.

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