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Visiting The Farm as it fights for its future

Farmer Glenn” Linsenbardt feeds a snack to Violet, a pot-bellied pig, at The Farm, 7222 West Grand Teton Drive, Sunday, March 23, 2014. STEVE MARCUS
Photo: Steve Marcus

The Farm | 7222 W. Grand Teton Drive | March 26 2014

The Farm Fights for Its Future

There are two gray and white cats at the Farm that look exactly the same. One of them is resting in a basket. “What’s the name of this cat?” I ask. Farmer Glenn Lisenbardt looks at the cat and reaches for its tail. “This is Q-tip,” he says. “The white part on the tail is the only way I can tell them apart.”

There are 415 animals living on this 5-acre animal rescue, farmers market and petting zoo at Grand Teton and Tenaya Way, including Violet, a pot-bellied pig, and Oliver, a two-week-old Angora-Nubian goat. But today, thanks to suburban sprawl and government regulations, the future of the business is in jeopardy. In May, the Lisenbardts will face a two-year business license review that will determine whether they can keep operating the Farm as they have been for decades—and providing a home for Violet, Oliver and, of course, Q-tip.

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