Which Halloween stage show to see? Try all of them!

Evil Dead The Musical HD

Las Vegas' theater companies are stepping things up this spooky season. They’re staging a variety of haunting productions, from immersive theater to ghostly Shakespeare to campy classics. Here’s what to watch.

Horrorwood Video

Is it a play or a haunt? It’s a hybrid of both, says Majestic Repertory Theatre’s Troy Heard: “It’s immersive theater—there’s a plot.” The story revolves around a VHS store where you can rent ’80s horror movies, and maybe enter an interdimensional vortex. BroadwayWorld.com describes it as “every horror geek's dream.” Expect emotional tension and creepiness rather than jump scares. “It’s all nostalgic fun," says heard. "I wanted to have something that felt like The Goonies or Stranger Things.” Back for its second year, Horrorwood Video is expanded, with more rooms and surprises. October 18-19, 24-26, 30-31, November 1-2, 7 p.m.-close, $20, Majestic Repertory Theatre, 1217 S. Main Street, horrorwoodvideo.com.

Lizzie the Musical

The historical Lizzie Borden was accused (and acquitted) of axe-murdering her parents in 1892. The ordeal made her famous. More than 100 years later, that fame is translating into a dark rock opera called Lizzie. BroadwayWorld.com describes the experience as “anger, rage, lust, manic heartbreak and female empowerment expressed in high-energy, palpably electric performances.” If anybody is up to the task of such a production, it’s Poor Richard’s Players. October 18-20, 24-26, 27-31, $30-$35, 528 S. Decatur Boulevard, theplayhouselv.com.


This Shakespeare classic begins with a prophecy by three witches and ends with (400-year-old spoiler alert) paranoia, madness and murder. To prove how on-brand it is for Halloween, there’s even a long-running superstition associated with the play, stating that it can’t be named without bringing a curse upon the namer. Call it “The Scottish Play,” “The Bard’s Play,” “Mackers” or “MacB”; just don’t call yourself late to the show. This production is hosted by Bard at the Bar and Velveteen Rabbit. October 20, 7 p.m., $10, 21 and up, Velveteen Rabbit, 1218 S. Main Street, thebard-at-thebar.com.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Spooktacular

In a tradition stretching back to 1976, a live shadow cast will perform “The Time Warp," "There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)" and other Rocky Horror classics while the film screens behind them. Frankie’s Favorite Obsession brings all the requisite elements to this spooky institution: a costume contest, musical pre-show, prop kits and more. October 26, 8 p.m. and midnight, $11, Regency Tropicana Cinemas, 3330 E Tropicana Avenue, rhpsvegas.com.

Evil Dead the Musical HD

Inspired by the cult film series of the ’80s and ’90s, this musical adds singing to the requisite demon-fighting. It’s self-described as “the ultimate virtual experience in grueling Terror.” Beware of sitting in the front rows, which are billed as a “blood splash zone.” The Space, 3460 Cavaretta Court, October 10-13, 16-20, 23-27, 8 p.m. $30-$35.

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