Local spin: Listening to Mercy Music, Kilfeather, Ted Rader’s Inhuman Again and more

Ted Rader
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Inhuman Again, “Komol (c0x2)” and “Komol (nriqe)”

Ted Rader has been fairly quiet since he released 2019’s Rainbow Machine under the band name Ted Rader and the Magic Family, but the singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer is back with a solo project, Inhuman Again, taking a strange detour into hypnotic electronic landscapes and tranquil mysticism. Like his previous rock ’n’ roll efforts,Inhuman Again is trippy and psychedelic, but it has no guitars or other live instrumentation to speak of. Rader relies on his creativity to open transcendental Matrix-like wormholes, leaving us with just one question: Blue pill or red?

Kilfeather, “King Creep”



Las Vegas-based multi-instrumentalist Kevin Kilfeather recently signed to Riot Records, the punk rock imprint of Australian label Golden Robot Records. With more than 30 solo records to his name since he began recording in 2006, the musician is rebranding as Kilfeather, a Motörhead-meets-Foo Fighters-style hard rock outfit, with a dash of rough-and-tumble psychobilly weirdness. Check out new single “King Creep,” produced by Brian Garth (Black Camaro), with artwork by T.G. Miller. Take our word for it, it’s best played with the volume all the way up.

Mercy Music, “Tuesday”

Mercy Music

Mercy Music

The pop-punks of Mercy Music are set to release upcoming album Nothing in the Dark on September 18 on WireTap Records, and they recently released a music video for the album’s first single. “Tuesday” begins with a faux-news broadcast alerting viewers that streaming music and entertainment of any kind have been made illegal, then pans to the band setting up in a warehouse, where it performs the new track. The clip ends with Mercy Music being attacked by what appear to be government agents, an eerie commentary on our current political state.

GC Records’ Musicians Against Fascism Volume 2: Black Lives Matter

Vegas-based record label Geykido Comet Records has compiled this follow-up to its 2018 compilation Musicians Against Fascism: No Place for Hate. The new BLM-inspired album features local bands like The Social Set, Anti-Vision and Bogtrotter’s Union, plus a live track from Holding Onto Sound’s 2016 Bunkhouse reunion show and cover art by local artist Lance L. Smith. All proceeds go to the Black Lives Matter movement and the Bail Project.

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