The Weekly playlist: Your latest batch of local tunes

Dusty Sunshine (left to right): Chani Leavitt, Heidi Guinn, Summer Soll, Courtney Carroll and Megan Wingerter
Photo: Rudy Plaza / Courtesy

Dusty Sunshine, “Not Tonight” (live)

Before quarantine began, the reunited indie-folk group opened a February Bernie Sanders rally at the Springs Preserve, and now Dusty has released a somber, hair-raising single recorded at the Bunkhouse during that same month. Bonus: Accompanying the song on Facebook ( are original artworks by five local artists—JW Caldwell, Jamie Hayles, Brent Holmes, TG Miller and Christine Montoya.

Strange Mistress, “The Gospel”

Frontman Kevin Kilfeather has been flexing his chops during quarantine, releasing two solo albums since March and a third poetry and music collaboration with former Vegas local and author James Norman and veteran Vegas musician and producer Brian Garth. Back with a new lineup, Kilfeather’s band Strange Mistress is also on our radar with its latest single, a Motörhead-esque kit of psychedelic cowpunk that’s just waiting to be torn open.

Klewicki, “Break My Heart”

Producer Jeremy Klewicki has been keeping the beat as the drummer of hip-hop band The Lique for years, and now he’s trying his hand at producing his own music. His debut single gets everything right—slinky-soft R&B with funky ’80s touchstones. Follow @klewickimusic on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at the producer in-studio, and expect more from the artist while he’s sheltering at home.

Hogtrucker, “Harrison”

We’re getting serious Depeche Mode vibes on this cut from Vegas pop singer John Stapleton. With roots in Gothic drag and darkwave, Stapleton ventures away from the theatrical flair of his previous project, Conversion Therapy, into a world that taps into minimal house, post-punk and New Wave. Expression lies at the center of Hogtrucker’s music, and that’s something we can get behind.

The Lique, “Whoa Kemosabe” ft. Spxtrm

Live hip-hop act The Lique’s latest single is a laid-back party anthem about not letting others kill your vibe. “I tried to keep my cool/But I’m about to act a fool/If you don’t back up/Give me five feet of space/Ain’t mad at you,” Rasar and Spxtrm rap on the track, and the lyrics land even better in our new socially distanced world.

Sani Bronco, “Windhound”

Whiny bedroom punk melts into layered, atmospheric indie rock on Sani Bronco’s debut single, part of the split The Dogs Are O.K. with Internet Dust. Elements of Why? and Pinback filter through Bronco’s post-hardcore sensibility, turning the genre on its head, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

Internet Dust, “Malamute”

The second song on the aforementioned split, this breezy track has us slipping into a sparkly, hazy abyss. Are we on a beach sipping mai tais or just melting into the sofa? Neither. We’re still in quarantine, eating a microwave burrito and getting ready to take another midday nap.

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