Quarantine tunes: Recommended local tracks released during the shutdown

Cameron Calloway
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The Las Vegas music scene has been keeping busy during quarantine, which means plenty of new music for all of us. Check out the latest tracks from five Vegas musicians, and if you hear something you like, share the love.

Luxury Furniture Store, “Crimson Lovers”

We absolutely can’t get enough of this synthy, indie-soaked ’80s dream. The shoegazey track—which has just enough lo-fi chutzpah to keep things edgy—reminds us of driving with our friends, windows down, on a perfect spring night. It’s anthemic, memorable and made for bedroom dancing—and we dare you not to sing it at the top of your lungs. luxuryfurniturestore.bandcamp.com

Cameron Calloway, “China Blue”

Sultry, smoky and sexy, Calloway’s newest song is an absolute vibe. Stuck in quarantine with your significant other? Grab some wine, light a candle and let this track do the talking. Riding out the lockdown solo? That’s OK, too. Grab some wine, light a candle and get down with your bad self. We didn’t make the rules; it’s just that kind of jam. cameroncalloway.com

Brett Vee, “So Busted”/“Out of Time”

Every time lo-fi punk mastermind Brett Vee releases something new, it’s stuck in our head for days. Well, Vee’s done it again, this time with two sunny, jangly covers—a rendition of Culture Abuse’s 2017 track “So Busted,” and a take on The Rolling Stones’ “Out of Time,” first released in 1966 and later covered by the Ramones. brettvee.bandcamp.com

Hassan, “Carolyn Goodclown”

On April 22, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman gave one of the strangest, cringiest interviews of all time to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, in which she offered up the city as a “control group” during the coronavirus pandemic. Three days later, Local MC Hassan Hamilton had a lot to say, and dropped his loaded response on Instagram Live. Sample line: “Carolyn Goodman/That bitch shady/See her face when you Google batsh*t crazy.” instagram.com/fat_black_and_awesome

Almost Normal, “Home”

The Vegas synth-pop duo just released a music video for this aptly titled February single, a sweeping, somber track that follows the group’s 2019 single, “Holiday.” Singer Ashley Lampman delivers her strongest, most confident vocals yet, while drummer Andrew Zakher’s finessed production creates a rich and cinematic atmosphere. This is one of those tracks begging to be remixed and played in the clubs as soon as they reopen. youtu.be/qEaVDNRc748

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