“Do we slip and fall behind, or do we pick each other up and find a way to create?”

Beverly Chillz’s Camp Chillz gathers Vegas musicians in a time of uncertainty

“Do we slip and fall behind, or do we pick each other up and find a way to create?”

  • No one really knows when the superstar residencies on the Las Vegas Strip will be able to resume, but now we know the next performer ...

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  • “I’ve always been a firm believer in ‘strike when the iron’s hot,’ but sometimes it just gets scalding hot, and I overwhelm myself.”

  • The series was inspired by NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts and features a podcast, blog and a filmed performance.

  • The Vegas trio plans to release a new single every month for the next five months. “Because there’s no touring or live shows, it’s forced ...

  • Nearly every one of the 10 tracks overflows with confidence and ardor, at a time when this city—this country, this world—could use both.

  • The six-song project oscillates between house-driven electronic rhythms and indie-leaning synth-pop.

  • To hear singer, guitarist and engineer Brian Garth explain it, the band’s 16th LP was “loosely” conceived as a soap opera.

  • “I wrote a series of short horror Westerns, so this record is a bunch of stories that exist in that same world, with cowboys fighting ...

  • “We’re spending quality time with the captain, and he’s going on about how he’s so jealous of us being in a band and traveling from ...

  • Eighty of the 83 original acts remain on the bill, including headliners Danzig, Mercyful Fate and Emperor.

  • Local singers like Cali Tucker and Lisa Marie Smith are back at casino lounge, bar and restaurant spaces.

  • Lyrically, it’s is a pandemic-era Instagram Live post—strongly biographical, probably pants-less.

  • Bassist Satomi Matsuzaki and drummer Greg Saunier sing about a dystopian world—oh wait, that’s our actual, broken reality.

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