Vegas podcast ‘Latinos Who Lunch’ debuts a new coloring book

The ABC’s of Latinidad

Latinos Who Lunch, a local podcast hosted by Las Vegas-based artist Justin Favela and art historian Emmanuel Ortega, is releasing a coloring book in collaboration with artist Geovany Uranda.

The ABC’s of Latinidad—inspired by the show’s 99th episode from November 15, 2018—will include 50 pages of Uranda’s illustrations covering “the alphabet of being Latinx.”

In that episode, Favela and Ortega played a word-association game, running through the Spanish alphabet and saying words that came to mind related to Latino culture, like esquite (corn salad) and fútbol (soccer). Now, Uranda is bringing those random associations to life by way of black-and-white line drawings.

Due for release June 1, the book is now available for preorder (cost: $14.99) at latinoswholunch.com. Completed coloring pages can be submitted on Instagram with the hashtag #LWLABC.

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