Psychic medium Dallisa Hocking brings a positive message from beyond to local stages

While her Binion’s show is on hiatus, she’ll host smaller “unplugged versions” of the show at Spirit & Spark, her Henderson “boutique soul center.”

From the outside, Dallisa Hocking doesn’t seem supernatural in any specific way. She’s poised, professional and positive. She’s pretty and nonthreatening. She has worked corporate casino jobs.

So it might come as a surprise to learn that Hocking is a fifth-generation psychic medium. “I grew up in a family that always talks openly about communicating with spirits, with angels and seeing apparitions in the room,” Hocking says. “I will see things in my third eye. It almost looks like a daydream playing out in front of my eyes. Then I will hear words and phrases generally through the right ear, and then I will get physical confirmations in my body.”

In early 2018, Hocking opened Spirit & Spark in Henderson. Described as a “boutique soul center,” Spirit & Spark offers classes, meditation and yoga sessions, psychic readings, coaching, reiki, a small spiritual store and more.

With the success of Spirit & Spark, Hocking added an intimate live show at Binion’s this year to reach more people. Psychics & Spirits: The Live Show is a 90-minute journey beyond this realm. Audience members submit questions before the show starts and select “angel numbers” if they want the opportunity to go onstage for psychic readings, angel communications and/or contact with deceased loved ones.

Audience questions center on the spiritual and metaphysical: “How do I know if I have an angel nearby? How do my loved ones communicate with me from the other side? What happens when we pass away?”

(Note that Hocking’s show at Binion’s is postponed for at least two weeks due to the coronavirus; even the supernatural world must practice “social distancing.” In the meantime, Hocking will host smaller “unplugged versions” of the show at Spirit & Spark. She says she’s also helping audiences and clients deal with fear by giving out meditation and mindfulness tips. Hocking says that she’s “trying to help more people during this chaotic time.” Normally, she’s booked out for weeks, but given recent events she’s opening up her availability to get everybody scheduled for sessions “within one to two weeks.” )

In the show, Hocking shares her life story and tells of her deep connection with her female ancestors, who also share her gift. She explains how thoughts are energy, inviting the audience to come onstage to bend spoons using their own brain signals. “I ask them to take that [spoon] home as a reminder of how their thoughts become their life and what’s manifesting to them,” Hocking says.

The show ends with a channeled message, which consists of “whatever the universe feels that audience needs to hear.” The room darkens, everybody closes their eyes and Hocking goes into a light channeled state. “It ends in a very inspirational, uplifting tone,” Hocking says, “one where people walk out feeling reenergized about their life or more connected to their loved ones.”

Psychics & Spirits: The Live Show (Show postponed indefinitely) Wednesday-Thursday, 3 & 8 p.m., $49-$65. Apache Showroom at Binion’s Gambling Hall, 702-382-1600.

Spirit & Spark 9480 S. Eastern Ave. #269, 702-561-6943, spiritandspark.com.

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