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Brian Newman After Dark, a sour beer celebration, the Great American Foodie Fest and more happening this week in Las Vegas

Salvatore Ganacci stops at XS on November 10.
  • 1349 at Bunkhouse Saloon

    Missed the veteran Norwegian act at August’s Psycho Las Vegas fest? Make amends by catching guitarist Archaon, drummer Frost and the guys, along with fellow black-metal badasses Uada (Portland) and Cloak (Atlanta). November 7, 9 p.m., $15-$18. –Spencer Patterson

  • Andy Clausen at Multiple Locations

    The Beat Generation poet will be here for three free events: a discussion (1 p.m., Nevada State College) and reading (7 p.m., Clark County Library) on Friday and a writers’ workshop (2 p.m., Winchester-Dondero Cultural Center) on Saturday. November 7-8 –C. Moon Reed

  • Brian Newman After Dark at Nomad Restaurant

    You might assume it’d be easy to create a jazzy, buzzy, late-night musical hang on the Las Vegas Strip when your secret weapon is regular guest Lady Gaga. But New York City trumpeter and bandleader Brian Newman brings the heat to every 11 p.m. show at Park MGM’s stunning NoMad Restaurant, not just the ones when Gaga drops in.

    “I just really love the camaraderie and community of musicians from Las Vegas that come by and sit in and play a part in it,” Newman says. “It makes it more fun for the audience and for me and the boys, and that’s my favorite part.”

    After his initial springtime run, Newman (who’s also the bandleader for Gaga’s Jazz & Piano shows at Park Theater) has added even more guests and surprises to the improvisational and unpredictable affair, most notably his wife, burlesque star Angie Pontani. The goals remain the same: creating memorable live music and old-school Vegas lounge vibes.

    “It does have that timeless Vegas feeling, but at the same time, we’re bringing our own influences and some newer music, and it’s been exciting to get all that out there. We’re trying to blow it out.” November 7-9, 11 p.m., $45-$119. –Brock Radke

  • Great American Foodie Fest at M Resort

    It’s the annual food truck-palooza showcasing the best eats on wheels in the Valley—Fist of Fusion, Chikn in Wafls, Cousins Maine Lobster and many more. November 7-10, Thursday & Friday; 5-11 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; free admission. –Genevie Durano

  • Sour Saturday at Atomic Liquors

    Serious Vegas beer drinkers know, this seventh-annual gathering ranks as one of the absolute best of the year: a chance to sample more than 50 complex creations—some of them quite rare around here—from the likes of Belgium’s De Struise Brouwers, the Netherland’s Tommie Sjef Wild Ales and Switzerland’s Brasserie Trois Dames. Pucker up. November 9, 2-5 p.m. (12:30 entry for VIP), $45-$90. –Spencer Patterson

  • Ensemble Mik Nawooj at Historic Fifth Street School

    Founded by Berklee-trained composer JooWan Kim, this Bay Area group aims to merge the discipline of classical music with “hip-hop’s spirit of disruption.” For a taste, look for its brash, passionate cover of Marlena Shaw’s “California Soul” on YouTube. It’ll fill you with empathy for our burning neighbor. November 9, 7 p.m., free. –Geoff Carter

  • Sixteen Jackies at Starboard Tack

    The brooding—and gender-bending—Philadelphia post-punks (check out their sound at combine forces with a strong, shoegazey local indie bill: Dark Black, Morosis and Mutual. November 9, 9 p.m., donations accepted. –Leslie Ventura

  • Salvatore Ganacci at XS

    “Salvatore Ganacci doesn’t take drugs, drugs take Salvatore Ganacci.” That’s the top-rated YouTube comment for Ganacci’s bizarre music video, “Horse,” in which the Bosnian-born, slick-haired DJ drives a giant shoe and rescues a lion, a panda and—you guessed it—a horse, from their malicious owners. Any questions? Join the club. Maybe we’ll get some answers when he brings the weirdness to XS. November 10, 10 p.m., $20-$30, Encore. –Leslie Ventura

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