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Five really specific specialty stores

Everything is awesome at the Lego Store.

1. The Armory When the Vegas Golden Knights take the ice this fall, you’ll want to represent them by wearing their swag. The Armory has it all, from hats to hoodies. T-Mobile Arena, 702-692-1600.

2. The Lego Store You’ve seen the movies, you’ve vacuumed them up by accident—now it’s time to stock up on interlocking bricks, purchased in sets or loose. Fashion Show Mall, 702-734-0290.

3. Leica Store Hard to say what’s best about Leica cameras—their solid construction, their sleek good looks or the amazing photos they produce. Check out the latest. Forum Shops, 702-868-4070.

4. Lush Every single item in this store is dedicated to two purposes: making you feel good and making you smell nice. Stock up on designer soaps and bath goodies. Downtown Summerlin, 702-869-1118.

5. Microsoft Store Why? Because the Xbox is cool. Because the Surface Laptop is great. And after years of visiting the Apple Store, aren’t you curious? Fashion Show Mall, 702-415-2550.

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